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I have a Windows server, where normal users cannot login in with SFTP, but administrator can. So it sounds like it could be a permissions issue. What permissions are needed?

asked Jan 27 '11 at 10:24

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If possible you can sometimes verify that the connection issue is permission related by temporarily making the user an administrator. If you can login as an administrator then it is most likely a permissions issue.

The following are at least some of the permissions needed for a user connecting to a server.

The user must have permissions to execute cmd.exe for terminal connections.

User login requires the rights to "log on locally" and "access this computer from the network" policies set.

If the SSH Tectia Server has been installed on a Windows 2003 domain controller, the "log on locally" and the "access this computer from the network permissions" must be enabled on the domain controller for the Domain Users group.

For users who are logging in using password authentication, it is possible to login without having "log on locally" rights. Please see the Administrator's Manual

One of the common permissions issues for SFTP connections are directory permissions where the user's SFTP home is set.

The user needs to have at least the following file/directory permissions (this assumes default SFTP settings, if your SFTP settings are changed from default the directories for the first 3 will be different):

C:\ (Needs Traverse folder permission)
C:\Documents and Settings\ (Needs Traverse folder permission)
C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME% (Needs at least Read & List folder Contents)

C:\Windows\ (Traverse folder)
C:\Windows\system32\ (Needs Traverse folder / Execute file AND List Folder / Read Data)

If setting these permissions do not fix your issue then please login to our support site (http://support.tectia.com), and open a case.


answered Jan 27 '11 at 10:29

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