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I have an SFTP server (Open SSH) running on Centos 5.5. One of our users cannot make a connection. Here is what happens when they try:

Error: Could not open connection to 'ogxxxsft@subdomain.domain.com': Could not connect to 'subdomain.domain.com': Unable to connect to server 21/01/2011 11:35:47:541 SftpSftpG3/sftpg3.c:614/sftp_exit: Exit code: 4 _NONBLOCK debug1: connect to address 184.xxx.xxx.164 port 22: Connection refused ssh: connect to host subdomain.domain.com port 22: Connection refused

asked Jan 24 '11 at 19:18

Neil%20from%20Ohio's gravatar image

Neil from Ohio

This sounds like a connection problem. Is the user able to reach the OpenSSH server via other means?

For example, does it respond to pings?

If so, there might be something that is blocking the SSH traffic. Can you ask this user to try to telnet to the OpenSSH port? Such as:

telnet ogxxxsft@subdomain.domain.com 22
telnet 184.xxx.xxx.164 22

If the SSH server is reachable from the client host this should print back a version string. Otherwise the most likely problems are that either something is blocking the traffic or the SSH server has stopped running.


answered Jan 25 '11 at 06:18

Roman's gravatar image

Roman ♦♦

I had them try the telnet command, and not only did it work, it seems to have jump-started the process so that they can connect with no further problems. Can't say for sure, but I suspect that this may have been the problem:


Thank you.

(Jan 26 '11 at 21:29) Neil from Ohio 1 Neil%20from%20Ohio%201's gravatar image

(moved to comment on above answer)


answered Jan 26 '11 at 17:02

Neil%20from%20Ohio%201's gravatar image

Neil from Ohio 1

edited Jan 26 '11 at 21:30

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