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How can I run Tectia Server 6.1 for z/OS on read-only file system?

asked Dec 20 '10 at 12:54

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Tectia Server 6.0/6.1 for z/OS uses certain files that have volatile data. When installing the product on a read-only filesystem, these files need to be relocated. Here is an example of doing this with symbolic links.

Tectia Server 6.0/6.1 for IBM z/OS is installed under /opt/tectia/ on the USS. This path is hardcoded. There are two subdirectories that contain volatile data:
  • var directory that contains the pid file (process ID of the current server process)
  • etc directory that contains the server's random seed file (as well as system-wide configuration files)
If you need to have the Tectia Server installed on a read-only file system, you need to take care that the pid file and random seed are still writable. The simplest way to do this is to use symlinks (symbolic links). First you need to move the current contents of the /opt/tectia/etc and /opt/tectia/var to the new (writable) locations, and remove the original directories:
cp -p /opt/tectia/var/* /real/var/directory/on/writable/filesystem/
cp -Rp /opt/tectia/etc /real/etc/directory/on/writable/filesystem/
rm -r /opt/tectia/var
rm -r /opt/tectia/etc
Then create the symbolic links:
ln -s /real/etc/directory/on/writable/filesystem /opt/tectia/etc 
ln -s /real/var/directory/on/writable/filesystem /opt/tectia/var
If you upgrade the server, back up the data and make sure that the symlinks are still in place after the upgrade.

answered Dec 20 '10 at 12:54

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