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We have been using SFTP to pull files from a Windows Server into iSeries (aka IBM AS/400 server). We were able to successfully establish links between the user profiles on both the servers and the file transfers worked exactly as it should.

However whenever three or more attempt were made to pull a file that was not available on the Windows server, the SSH Tectia server seems to lock out the user profile on the Windows server. This causes the SFTP to fail after the third time even if the fourth attempt tries to pull a valid file.

We would then have to start/stop the SSH Tectia for the process to work normally again.Please let me know the reason and resolution (maybe increase the number of invalid attempts)??

From the logs I could see something similar to "destroying connection etc.."

Thanks & Regards.

asked Apr 28 '16 at 11:56

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Dear all,

After much research, we found that after 5 attempts (does not matter whether the file is available or not on the Windows server), the domain controller on the Windows server changes to a different value. This prevents the user profile from logging on to the Windows server when the SFTP is invoked from iSeries (that is SFTP fails on reaching Windows session id = 6).

When the SSH Tectia server is restarted, the session id is set back to zero and the SFTP works just fine for 5 subsequent attempts.

Can someone advice as to how this can be resolved - may be control the session id from getting incremented or preventing the domain controller from switching to a different domain?

Any advice will be of great help! Thanks in advance.




answered May 03 '16 at 11:32

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