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I was trying to install 6.0.11 and the install failed, how can I find out why?

asked Dec 14 '10 at 21:22

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If the installation of Tectia on Windows fails its important to provide our Tectia Support with the logs from an attempted install.

To do this you need to run the MSIEXEC in logging mode. This may change so please consult Microsoft documentation for any updates.

  • To get debug logs you will need to use /l*vx option for the msiexec command line install command.

  • For example, the following command installs "ssh-tectia-server-" and outputs debug, verbose logging to "tectia_Package_install.log":

  • msiexec /i ssh-tectia-server- /l*vx tectia_Package_install.log

Note: your msi file might be named something different if installing a different version of Tectia.

An example Install error message may be something like the following: MsiInstaller Information 11708 CustomMSI -- Installation operation failed.


answered Dec 14 '10 at 21:25

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Joe - Tectia Support ♦♦

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