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Tectia SSH Server for IBM z/OS 6.4.10 was released on April 10. What's new in the release?

asked Apr 10 '15 at 23:40

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The 6.4.10 release contains the following new features:

  • New SSHD2 console modify command F SSHD2,RESTART,FORCE that restarts SSHD2 and kills all child connections

  • Support for Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellmann (ECDH) for key exchange and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) for keys and host keys on the z/OS clients

  • AES-CTR bulk encryption support on z/OS clients outgoing to servers accepting that cipher, via an implementation exploiting CPACF AES-CBC

  • Tectia Server for IBM z/OS Cookbook

The release also includes bug fixes and minor features, listed below.

Minor Features:

  • Added _EDC_ADD_ERRNO2 to recommended environment files, improving error reporting detail.

  • When log-on is refused because of expired user ID, the name of the user is now logged.

  • Added new sample jobs SCPPUT1 and SCPGET3W to SAMPLIB.

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed incorrect file tags from some distributed files.

  • Fixed a potential crash in the Connection Broker that occurred when handling a connection that was waiting for the passphrase, and the SSH server that the Connection Broker was connecting to shut down.

  • sshd2 -v -V now reports source code commit hash (relevant for problem reporting).

  • SSHD2 is now built in EBCDIC mode, ensuring that system error messages are always reported readably.

  • Improved error messages when user log-on is refused to make the reason for failure clearer.

  • SSHD2 verbose messages now include information on hardware cryptography support in a more readable manner.

  • The SSHD2 pidfile is now removed when the daemon is stopped or exits.

  • ssh-broker-g3 will no longer crash if it fails to read its configuration file because of faulty permissions.

  • ssh-broker-ctl will no longer busyloop when using add-crl or add-certificate command without specifying a file name.

  • File transfer advice string TYPE=PREFIX|ALIAS were removed as allowable types.

  • The documentation of the accepted abbreviations of file transfer advice strings and sftpg3 SITE parameters was clarified.

  • Generic documentation improvements.

For further information about the products and changes between the different versions, and instructions on how to update the product, see the customer documentation and release notes at the SSH product documentation site.


answered Apr 10 '15 at 23:47

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