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  1. Choose "Edit Profiles..."
  2. Create a folder "F" within the profiles
  3. Create a profile "P" inside the folder. Set a bunch of custom settings like the Host Name, User Name, and colors. Save the profile.
  4. Right-click on profile "P" and choose "Copy". A new profile, "Copy of P", appears inside folder "F".

Notice that none of profile P's custom settings are in "Copy of P": User Name, colors, etc., have been set to the defaults.

This problem doesn't happen if the profile is in the top level of the profile tree. All settings get copied in that case. The problem happens only if the profile is inside a folder.

This is Tectia SSH Client on Windows Server 2008.

Also, if I create a profile in the top-level folder and use the right-click "Move" command to move it into the folder "F", the move never sticks. Next time I look in the Profiles dropdown, or open a new SSH window, or restart the program, the new profile is back in the top-level folder.

Are these bugs, or am I doing something incorrectly? Is there a better place to report bugs than here? (I am evaluating the program.)

asked Jan 20 '15 at 17:22

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Hi Dan,

you are not doing anything incorrectly, these are bugs. The Tectia development team is aware of both of the bugs you mentioned related to the use of profiles and profile folders in the Tectia Connections Configuration GUI, and they are currently scheduled to be addressed in a future maintenance release.

Customers with a support contract can report bugs via the SSH Support Site, but if you are just evaluating the product you should have received contact information with your evaluation download. You can use that to report bugs, but of course you are also welcome to do it here. Thank you!


answered Jan 22 '15 at 12:01

SSH%20KB's gravatar image


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