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When trying to connect to an ftp site using Tectia, i receive the following error:

File transfer could not be started or it exited unexpectedly. Exit value 1 was returned. Most likely the sftp-server is not in the path of the user on the server side.

I looked through all settings tyring to play around but to no avail. Based on my research here is what I found, though I could not yet find where to change those settings.

These errors are usually caused by commands in a shell run-control file (.cshrc, .profile, .bashrc, etc.) that produce output to the terminal. This output interferes with the communication between the SSH daemon and the SFTP-server subsystem. Examples of such commands might be date or echo. If you use the mail command to check for mail, it can also cause the error.

You can check to see if this is likely the problem. If you are unable to SFTP to a machine, try to connect via SSH. If you are able to SSH, and you receive output to your terminal other than the standard login banner (for example, “You have mail”), then you need to check your run-control files for commands that might be producing the output.

To solve this problem, you should place any commands that will produce output in a conditional statement that is executed only if the shell is interactive.

I'd welcome any suggestions.

asked Nov 09 '10 at 22:22

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So if I understand correctly, you are trying to connect to a Tectia Server 6.1.7 using sftp, is this right? Some additional questions: Is the server under your control (or managed by someone else)? What is the server platform? What is the SSH (sftp) client that are using? and are you able to connect using an ssh client?

(Nov 10 '10 at 06:56) Roman ♦♦ Roman's gravatar image

Im using Tectia SFTP client to connect to someone else's server. I can connect using SSH Terminal, where the header states:OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant Update 8) Arch: x86_64 IP addr: among other infor and that "This account is restricted by rssh. Allowed commands: sftp"

(Nov 10 '10 at 13:44) TectiaUser TectiaUser's gravatar image
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