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First, I am very new in Tectia.

I had install Tectia Client and Server into my PC. I want to run a connectivity test them.

My IP: OS: Window 7 64 bit

Tectia Client,

  1. Hostname : What should I key in here? Localhost ? my IP
  2. ? My PC name(cmd>hostname) ? Username: What Should I key in again ? my PC name ? If need to create from Tectia Server,How?
  3. port: 22


I had create a Key pair in Tectia Client and Server. However, in the Tectia Server > Configuration > Authentication > Default-Authentication.. I ticked the "Allow Public-key authentication", inside the Authorization file and keys dir. Default are : %D/.ssh2/authorization and %D/.ssh2/authorized_keys

alt text

So, where should I place my Client public key into ? This folder ? ...\SSH Communications Security\SSH Tectia\SSH Tectia Server

Everytime I do a connection test, the Tectia client can grab the Tectia server Public key, but after 1 min, Tectia client GUI will prompt out a MessageBox for "enter the password"...

So... How can I connect each other ?

Thank you for something who read this and reply me.

asked Jul 23 '14 at 13:21

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Just for basic test you don't need to modify configuration in any way. You can connect to your local machine in any way you like. All are OK:

sshg3 localhost
sshg3 <my_host_name>
sshg3 <my_ip_address>

Even with IPv6 address if you enable that in server configuration.

For setting up public key authentication there are many answers to the same question on this site already: e.g. here and here.

The easiest, in my opinion, is to start the configuration UI (e.g. from system tray icon; right click; then Configuration). Then go to "User Authenticatoin" / "Keys and Certificates". Click on "New key" and follow the steps of the wizard. It will upload the generated key into the right place on computer of your choice.

Did this help? If so please mark the question as answered :) If it didn't help, ask more.

With regards



answered Jul 24 '14 at 11:23

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Martin Dobsik

Yes ! Thank you very much for your replied. I setup a VM, and I can connect to each other (Client and server). I just found out the username is my VM host name. :)


answered Jul 24 '14 at 15:43

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I am also facing connection issue ,I had installed Server on VM and client is my Pc ,Trying to connect but it is throwing error,Could you share me the steps to configure Client & Server,



answered Aug 04 '15 at 05:52

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