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I have a question: What does %D\.ssh2\authorized_keys mean? I see my old server setting was set to this, whats does %D mean?

asked Apr 14 '14 at 15:31

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%D is a special character which expands to mean the user's home directory. Both %D and %homedir% expand to the same value.

From the Tectia Server's administrator manual:

Authorized-keys directory

Specify a path to the directory that contains the user public keys that are authorized 
for login. As with the authorization file, the path can contain a pattern string that is 
expanded by Tectia Server. See the options above. 
The default is %D/.ssh2/authorized_keys.

answered Apr 15 '14 at 00:00

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Is the .ssh2 folder available in all versions of windows ,Since when i installed server on windows 2003,I could not find this folder,and also i could not deploy the keys from client where it is installed in win 7,and it is showing the below error,Is there any relation between the folder not there and the error which i am getting

Error: failed to upload: file open failed:Permission denied,file:.ssh/authorized_keys/key_xxxx.pub/Failed to get unique file name:Permission denied,file:/-001

thanks ,


answered Aug 06 '15 at 13:01

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IIRC, you cannot create the .ssh2 folder from Windows Explorer. You can either create an ssh2 folder, then open a command window and rename it there, OR

Connect via ssh to your windows server as an elevated account, navigate to the correct folder, and and from the ssh session create the .ssh2 file


answered Sep 23 '16 at 00:22

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