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Tectia Client/Server, Server for IBM z/OS, and ConnectSecure 6.4.4 were released on August 23rd. What's new in these releases?

asked Aug 23 '13 at 15:23

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Tectia Client, Server and ConnectSecure 6.4.4 include bug fixes. Moreover, in Tectia Server for IBM z/OS, staging feature (that is related to dataset transfers) is now disabled by default.

The following includes a summary of the release notes of each product.

Tectia Client and ConnectSecure

Bug Fixes:

  • Windows: Fixed Tectia command-line clients to assume default window size if they cannot obtain a proper value from the system.

  • Windows: Fixed Tectia command-line clients to properly show authentication prompts in nested connections.

When a user had a terminal session to Tectia Server on Windows running in terminal mode "Stream" and within that session the user started a new Tectia Client connection (from the host running Tectia Server), the authentication prompts were not shown properly.

Tectia Server

Bug Fixes:

  • Windows: Tectia Server Configuration GUI now allows more than 1000 rules on the pages Connections and Encryption, Authentication, and Services.

  • AIX, HPUX: If a connection is disconnected because the authentication failed, Tectia Server will now report one failure. This concerns only PAM, LAM and/or public-key authentication. The behavior has not changed when using password or keyboard interactive with password sub-method: Tectia Server reports one failure per failed password.

Tectia Server for IBM z/OS

New Features:

  • z/OS: For dataset transfers, the default for the 'staging' extended attribute is now 'no'.

Enable staging explicitly only when it is required by sending SITE STAGE=YES or ftadv:S=YES.

Bug Fixes:

  • z/OS: Fixed problems regarding the transfer of zero-length files and datasets to and from z/OS using the Windows Putty psftp client.

  • z/OS: Enhanced file transfer behavior with third-party clients that issue multiple read requests in advance and thus may end up trying to read beyond the end of the file.

  • z/OS: File transfer advice string abbreviations and aliases have been synchronized with those in the documentation.

  • z/OS: A workaround for third-party clients has been provided for the case where a previous 'cd' command is ignored when a subsequent 'get' or 'put' operand begins with a file transfer advice string '/ftadv:.../'. These clients do not prefix their 'cwd' onto the operand because the initial '/' causes it to be interpreted as an absolute path. The 'ftadv' string may now begin with a leading dot './ftadv:.../', allowing the operand to be interpreted as a relative path.

Parsing of 'ftadv' strings in 'pathname' operands has been enhanced to provide greater flexibility.

For further information about the products and changes between the different versions, and instructions on how to update the product, see the customer documentation and release notes at SSH product documentation web page.


answered Aug 23 '13 at 15:33

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