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We are using tectia server 6.0 and not able to connect to tectia server via tectia client. We are getting prompt again & again for user password after putting the right password.

one of the warning into event viewer is:

114 Servant_warning, "Cannot initialize user context: user `admpms' doesn't exist or getting user info failed", Session-Id: 10

When I do remote login (Window authentication) into tectia server and do login via user "admpms" , it works. I do not why I am not able to connect to Tectia server using tectia client.It has become the blocking issue for us.

User Logon Rights needed on Windows

How to define the rights on Windows 2008

I have checked the above 2 URL but not able to follow the exact steps.

Please provide the solution as soon as possible.

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asked Aug 12 '13 at 12:54

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edited Nov 14 '13 at 15:43

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Martin Dobsik

Hi NitinV, I suppose the Tectia Server is on Windows machine. Can you clarify more about user you are trying to log in the Windows SSH Server machine? Is it local user? Or user from some domain? Is the domain the user is from the primary domain? Or domain that is trusted? Theses are the issues that may affect the login. Is the user member of many groups? Is it member of nested groups?

In any case, you can try to login with the user name that contains domain: MY_COMPUTER_NAME\my_user, or MY_DOMAIN\my_user.

What is the configuration of the server?

(Nov 14 '13 at 15:48) Martin Dobsik Martin%20Dobsik's gravatar image
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