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Trying to just do some baseline SFTP transfers from one Windows PC to another on the same LAN/sub-net, with admin access on both PCs, and no personal or other firewalls active. Installed Tectia Server "out of the box" with no changes. I ensured "Allow SFTP" is checked on the Services|SFTP tab.

When I try to login via Tectia Client using SFTP, it appears I authenticate (using my Windows login credentials) but, on the client, I get "Failed to open a secure file transfer session" pop-up. In the Troubleshooting log, I see:

[Jan 22 15:04:45] 2948 22/01/2013 15:04:45:286 ServerChannelSession/server_channel_session.c:3259: exec 'sft-server-g3' returned unsuccessfully.
[Jan 22 15:04:45] 2948 22/01/2013 15:04:45:383 ServerChannelSession/server_channel_session.c:75: Send exit code 254
[Jan 22 15:04:45] 2948 LOG EVENT (normal,informational): 420 Session_channel_open, Username: Robert, Error: Command not found, Command: sft-server-g3, Sub ID: 0, Session-Id: 1

I made sure the sft-server-g3 executable was on the path, and confirmed it by manually running it from a DOS box. It works because if I put in 'sft-server-g3 --h' is get the options listed out.

I'm not trying to do anything fancy... just connect and transfers some files. Any suggestions?

asked Jan 22 '13 at 23:41

Robert%20L's gravatar image

Robert L

Hi Robert,

Various Windows Operating system versions have various security settings for various purposes. There are known issues with permissions of various kind. Therefore, it could help me to answer your question if I would know the versions of OSes involved and version of Tectia SSH Server. On Windows server the authentication method affects the kind of access token user gets so it is important to know which method did you use. Try to check answer to this question:

SFTP permissions issue?

And in case you use some other method then password authentication (and especially if on Windows Server 2003) check also this part of the docs:

Special Considerations on Microsoft Windows Server 2003

With regards



answered Jan 30 '13 at 16:40

Martin%20Dobsik's gravatar image

Martin Dobsik

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