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I have a Solaris 11 running openssh. I need to do s transparent login to my tectia 4.3 server

asked Oct 15 '12 at 19:08

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Hello, please find instructions from below. The following instructions are only valid for older Tectia Server 4.x versions!

1) Create your SSH key pair normally on your Solaris box

2) Upload the .pub key file from Solaris to Windows box running Tectia Server 4.3

3) Place the .pub key file under the user's home directory on that Windows server:
- you can create the .ssh2 directory using command prompt: mkdir .ssh2

    Example destinations for the .pub key file are:
    Windows Vista or newer:    C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.ssh2\id_rsa.pub    
    Windows XP)           :    C:\documents and settings\<USERNAME>\.ssh2\id_rsa.pub

4) Create a file called "authorization" under the same .ssh2 directory on Windows

  Example:    %USERPROFILE%\.ssh2\authorization

5) Modify the authorization file to have your key file name in it (showing file contents below):

    Key id_rsa.pub

    (Optionally you can list multiple keys in that file if needed)

6) That's it (of course, you need to check that the public key authentication has been enabled from the Server's GUI settings).

alt text

Please note that in newer Tectia Server versions, you can just upload the .pub key file directly under the user's home directory (precisely, here: %USERPROFILE%.ssh2\authorized_keys) after which the key authentication will just work.

Tectia Server's download link

Hopefully this helps!

Resg, SamiM


answered Oct 18 '12 at 01:45

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Sami Marttinen ♦

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