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Is it necessary that windows should be rebooted after SSH server installation?

Below is a sentence from answer for another question: "However, as of version 6.1.3 (or newer) upgrades should not anymore require a reboot."

asked Sep 02 '10 at 12:35

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When upgrading a maintenance release of SSH Tectia Server on Windows, usually no rebooting of the computer is needed. You need to check the release notes to see if the current Server release can be upgraded without reboot:

"Windows: Starting with release 6.1.4, SSH Tectia Server can be upgraded to a new version without rebooting the computer. This makes the upgrading procedure easier and faster. This will be the case if sshdap.dll has not been modified (and in 6.1.4 it has been modified)."

Unfortunately some times reboot is still required.



answered Sep 02 '10 at 13:29

Sami%20Marttinen%201's gravatar image

Sami Marttinen 1

thanks, the reboot may be required since we are not upgrading but newly installating.

(Sep 03 '10 at 01:34) Speed Speed's gravatar image

If you are currently running a server which is of version 6.1.3 (or newer) upgrading to a newer version should not (typically) anymore require a reboot.

However a reboot is still required whenever performing a "clean" installation (where no previous version of Tectia Server was installed).


answered Sep 02 '10 at 13:31

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Roman ♦♦

thnaks, why reboot is required for a clean installation? The installation procedure could be customized by us, can we do something previously on sshdap.dll to avoid the reboot?

(Sep 03 '10 at 01:37) Speed Speed's gravatar image

The reboot is required when installing the sshdap.dll since since it's something that needs to be loaded at boot time. Unfortunately there's no way around it, it is a required component for the installation. We've managed to make it so that when upgrading (and this component has not changed) it is not necessary to reboot, but still requires at least one reboot when installing for the first time.

We're also working on possibly having a solution in a future version of Tectia Server that would not require this component and thus rebooting. We'll keep you posted.

(Sep 03 '10 at 08:03) Roman ♦♦ Roman's gravatar image
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