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HI ,

in previous set up we use the APEEND command in FTP. if the exists with same name on remote side it will add the new file data to old file..


We are transferring file from Z/OS using SFTP. We transfer that file every 45 minutes. if in case remote side file process fails and they are not able to process the file, again 2 nd transfer will over ride the file in SFTP by using put command..

What we require is we want to append the file remotly if the file exists on remote server path. else it should create new file with same name..

the file also exists at remote server ..

please provide the ssh comamnd to execute the Append on remotly..

Remote server uses the solaris.

thank you.

asked Jun 07 '12 at 17:23

sureshmaganti's gravatar image


As many SSH products an versions commands can vary, please specify the SSH client product and version along with the SSH server product and version you are using.


answered Jun 15 '12 at 01:26

Joe%20-%20Tectia%20Support's gravatar image

Joe - Tectia Support ♦♦

HI Joe,

please find the information below.

Client information:

In mainframe we are using OPEN SSH 2.0 PRODUCT: IBM Ported TOOLS


SSH2 , Remote software version 6.0.12 SSH TECTIA server

please let me know if require d more infromation.


answered Jun 15 '12 at 18:46

sureshmaganti's gravatar image


I only looked quickly (someone else in the forum might know better), but looks like the IBM ported tools doesn't support an append command.

I know it may not help you, but our SSH Tectia z/OS product does support a append command. Please see see the commands section of our SFTP man page.


answered Jun 18 '12 at 22:21

Joe%20-%20Tectia%20Support's gravatar image

Joe - Tectia Support ♦♦

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