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I've currently been tasked with securing an application on a server that currently only supports FTP using the Tectia ConnectSecure FTP to SFTP proxy but I have an issue:

Despite configuring the ConnectSecure client to act upon FTP (TCP ports 20&21) with an action of "FTP-PROXY" it appears to be having an adverse effect upon another application on this server; IBM Websphere MQ.

Basically the application is unable to start, with the following being logged into the system event logs:

A communications error for TCP/IP occurred.
An unexpected error occurred in communications.
The return code from the TCP/IP (ioctlsocket) call was 10038 (X'2736'). Record these values and tell the systems administrator.

I've looked through the IBM knowledge-base for this error and there are a couple of articles relating to the possibility of WinSock being corrupt and that it needs the TCP/IP stack re-installing.

As soon as I de-install Tectia ConnectSecure everything starts working as it should, so I'm thinking that it may be the way that Tectia ConnectSecure hooks into the networking stack to listen to traffic on the specified ports (but that's just a guess).

The machine with the issue is running Windows Server 2003 x64.

Has anyone had any experience with IBM Websphere & ConectSecure?

asked Apr 11 '12 at 15:55

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