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Hi Currently we are migrating our SSH solution to Tectia.

We are using certificate authentication from client to server.

Now I have exported and re-import certificate to Tectia server and tectia client.

Then I tried to access from F-Secure client (old client), I managed to login. But when I tried to login from Tectia client, it showed me unable to authenticate me. Server is running Tectia Server and same with Tectia Client.

Went to event viewer, found: 411 Login_failure, Username: sdv0110, Reason: No more auth methods available, Src: dbsvsg015.dbss.local, Src IP:, Dst IFace: listener, Dst IP:, Src Port: 59669, Dst Port: 22, "Authentication failed, Remote Disconnect", Session-Id: 25

Any idea whether Tectia Client can support other SSH2 keys?

asked Mar 28 '12 at 12:36

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The authentication fails because Tectia client is unable to read F-Secure SSH generated keys because those keys are in proprietary format. You can convert F-Secure SSH keys to SecSh format using F-Secure's ssh-keygen2 tool with switch -H and the import to Tectia client.

Before conversion set the passphrase of the private key to empty. You can change it back using Tectia client.


answered May 10 '12 at 12:24

jolllikka's gravatar image


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