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This is from a Solaris client to a Tectia Server 6.1 running on Windows 2003

It appears SFTP account “user-id” has no permissions to remote shell directory and “chmod” command

Currently @ "sftp-target" remotedir="/home/DEV/in"

-r-------- 0 0 0 1019 Mar 19 03:19 ClrHs_20120306.xml

When attempted removing test file, command failed with following errors,

sftp> rm ClrHs_20120306.xml
Removing /home/DEV/IN/ClrHs_20120306.xml
Couldn't delete file: Permission denied

Note: chmod 600 ClrHs_20120306.xml” command was executed with no affect

On w2k3 side, user-id has modify permissions to virtual directory and sub-directories. Is there another bit that needs to be set on the w2k3 side for the chmod command to work?

asked Mar 20 '12 at 22:42

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Unfortunately the chmod command is not supported when connecting to a Tectia Server on Windows.

Since the Windows permission system is quite different from Unix style permissions in order to support this we would have to implement some kind of translation between both permission systems and this has not been implemented.

You'll have to change the permissions on the file using native windows tools (with an account that has enough permissions to do so). If you have terminal access to the server you could use the CACLS tool, such as:

c:> CACLS file-to-modify /e user-id:f

The above command would give user "user-id" full permissions to the file.


answered Mar 21 '12 at 18:16

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Roman ♦♦

Sorry, forgot to mention that the clients and servers are in different organizations. Clients are connecting via a native ssh client on a solaris box and servers are as mentioned above, running w2k3.


answered Mar 21 '12 at 19:23

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