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We need to know if we can install Tectia Server 6.1 into our existing Windows 2003 Sp2 clustered environment or not. We wish to replace our FTP process by SFTP using Tectia. Also, is there any technical installation procedure document for that? Please reply back. Thanks.

asked Jul 22 '10 at 15:11

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Tectia Server 6.1 is not cluster aware, but it should be possible to install it on a Microsoft cluster (like any non-cluster-aware application running as a service).

Here's an outline of the process, assuming you have two physical nodes (node1 and node2) for this:

  • create a cluster group for the service
  • assign an IP and host name for the cluster group
  • bring the resources online on node1, install Tectia Server on node1
  • stop Tectia Server on node1 after installation is complete
  • move the cluster group to node2, install Tectia Server on node2
  • after installing, copy over the host private key files from node1 so both nodes have the same key
  • create a Generic Service in cluster administration, add Tectia Server as a clustered resource
  • set up the host name and IP address as dependencies

The important part is to make sure both nodes are using the same host key.


answered Sep 03 '10 at 05:29

Ville%20Laurikari's gravatar image

Ville Laurikari

Regarding the step below, which host private key are you referring to? After the install on node1 on the shared location, aren't we suppose to install it on node 2 at the same exact shared location?

after installing, copy over the host private key files from node1 so both nodes have the same key


answered Oct 28 '10 at 18:24

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I think Ville was referring to a clustered environment that doesn't have a shared installation path.

So there would be 2 installations on 2 different machines, and the hostkey would be setup to be the same on both installations, but not on the same shared location.

You could how ever set up both servers to point to one shared location and hostkey instead of having 2 copies of the same hostkey on 2 different machines.

Is that clearer, or have I misunderstood your question.

Regards, -Joe


answered Dec 21 '10 at 19:24

SSH%20KB's gravatar image


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