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Tectia 5.3 is prompting for password when public key authentication is used. Where it should not prompt for password. Authentication happens using public key and private key pair and no password needed. But it is not the case and it is prompting password. Server is installed on windows 2003 server. How can we configure it without using/ prompting for password. Is it a permission issue on keys or some thing else? Trial and error was already done and no clues what was wrong.

asked Oct 07 '11 at 11:50

ramakanth%20evani's gravatar image

ramakanth evani

You need to provide more information. For example the the configuration files of both client and server, listing of the directories that contain the keys (the file permissions are important on both client and server), debug log from the client/server. Without such information little can be told.

Also note, that 5.3 version is obsolete and you should upgrade to newer version (6.2.2 is the latest).

There are some other articles on this forum describing the public key authentication setup. For example this one. Also the documentation has a lot to say about it.


answered Dec 02 '11 at 15:08

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Martin Dobsik

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